New Wine Kids

Our desire is to make every moment count with purposeful, meaningful experiences for children of all ages. Sure we have coloring sheets, but that’s not all! Videos, lessons, circle time and singing go hand in hand with lots of wiggle time, too! Lots of variety makes New Wine Kids fun for all kinds of kids… from quiet to "candid." Check us out Sundays during worship (10:30am)!

About Us

Experience a different kind of faith!


Who Are We?


Who are we is a question which is easily answered if we are completely honest with ourselves.  Too often I read through church websites and it sounds more like an advertisement for some up and coming social club.  I will try to answer this question. 


We are people, like you, who have fears, questions, personal problems, financial concerns, and lives in which it sometimes seem quite normal and at other times feels totally out of control.  We get up each day to face the realities of all the above and strive together to live faithfully in what appears to be a faithless world.   We wish things were different, but throughout our lives we have made decisions which affect where we find ourselves today.  We are working hard at giving God more control and learning that as we let go, God is faithful even when all around us is not! 


We are believers.  We believe God loves us more than we can understand.  This is intriguing to us because we fall short in understanding ourselves much of the time, and yet He still loves us.  We believe God has sent His Son to restore us from our selfishness, fear, hurt, anger, etc., etc., etc., everything!  Although we don’t really understand why, we believe we are restored and that God restores everyone through His sacrificial love for all human beings.  That is why we are believers.  In our lack of understanding of how it all works we are forced to just believe.  This is understood as faith.


We are followers.  Through this faith we desire to follow what God shares with us in the Bible as a good plan for living.  We find through the scriptures a plan for living with Him and with others.  We stand firm in believing the scripture is our source for all of life and believe it is the unaltered word of God to those who believe.  Everyone struggles to follow God’s word perfectly and therefore, God in His mercy has provided grace as a constant restoration to those living in communion with Him. 


Come be yourself, believe and follow God with us at New Wine.